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vyomax dipping belt

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Vyomax Leather Dipping Belt and Chain



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An old style training aid which is used to add weight to your body weight whilst performing dips and chin ups.

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The dipping belt is constructed from heavy duty leather with an extra wide padded back for added comfort, complete with a heavy chrome chain with a clip enclosure.

Enables the user to add weight to the body when performing dips and chin-ups

Can assist in exercising the triceps, upper back and biceps.

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The Dipping Belt has a support ring on one end and a chain and clasp attached to a ring on the other end.

These components enable you to hang weight plates from your waist. You can use the dipping belt by placing it around your waist and then passing the clasp and chain through the ring on the opposite end of the belt.

Pulling the chain tightens the belt around your waist. Pass the clasp and chain through one or more weight plates and then fasten the clasp onto the ring that the other end of the chain is attached to.

You are now ready to perform some weighted dips.

After use, carefully remove the weights and belt.



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